I'm Kind of Relying on Her in a Way

Name: Ashley

Age: 15

Role: Stagg Freshman

Ashley has a super close bond with her sister, Megan, who is a sophomore at Stagg.

Whenever Megan and I are at school we’re so nice to each other and we always act like we love each other. Somehow we’re never rude to each other in public, but once we get home we’re fighting all the time. We don't have physical fights, we’re just mad at each other, and I'm always the one who says, “why are you always being so rude right now”. She's the one who says, “I'm not being mean, I'm just stressed out”. Megan just uses all those excuses after we fight, The fighting gets annoying, it's usually something stupid. She always takes my makeup without asking me, then she takes it with her to school. I'll be at home and I’ll text her, “Where is my eyeliner?”, she says “Oh, I brought it with me”. Another time it was very early in the morning, I wake up the at time she leaves for zero hour, so I was like “Are you wearing my sweater?” Then I started crying, you know when it's like early in the morning, you're groggy and when people talk to you, you feel so emotional instead of being normal and rational. So I started bawling. I told her,”That's my sweater” and she said, “I have to leave for zero hour, I can't deal with this” and she left. It was dramatic, but then I like texted her and said “I'm sorry, I just need to breathe and wake up”. Five minutes after we fight, we apologize to each other.

It's good that Megan and I don't hold grudges against each other because we fight a lot. It’s just normal teen girl fights, we actually have a really good relationship. We don't hug that much or show affection but we say we love each other as much as we can. We are very loving and affectionate compared to other people that have siblings. My friend told me, “Yeah my brother doesn't talk to me anymore and he's only a year older.”

Megan always looks out for me. If I'm doing something wrong, she’ll yell at me a little. I hate when she yells, but honestly it's better for her to yell at me instead of my parents. When we were younger, my sister would always say, “Stranger danger!” or “You shouldn't do those things.” She's the one who tells me what I should do; I trust her and it always turns out good in the end. I'm kind of relying on her in a way.

When we were younger my parents would always force us together. We would wear the same outfits, we would be the only people we could talk to, and so the entire time my sister and I would stick together all the time. You know when you put two dogs together, they grow up, and you can't separate them...it's kinda like us. To this day we’re never apart, we’ve done things where I would stay at my mom’s and Megan would stay at my dad’s. It's not a major thing if we’re not together, we text or tweet each other all the time when we're not together. We send funny pictures, and start conversations about what our day was like or crazy stories you tell like “oh my gosh so this happened”. We both answer really fast, we both want to put effort into the conversation, because some people will just read your message, and don't answer for like two hours. We’re always there for each other, no matter what.

My parents are divorced, and they're at the point of almost marrying other people. My mom went to the Philippines to visit family when I was in third or fourth grade. When she came back, she didn't live in our house, She picked us up from our house, and asked my sister and I to help her find a motel to stay in for a few weeks. From that point on we started living in apartments. My parents would still talk to each other, like my dad will come over to help my mom put things together and fix things, but I still didn't understand why or what was going on. I just knew they weren't together like how they used to be. They would fight but not loud enough so we could hear them. One day my mom went to the Philippines again and this time she brought back her fiancé. My dad would Skype his one really good friend and now I think they're almost married.

Overall, the divorce is not that bad. We see them both often and yeah, sometimes we fight with them, but everything is still normal. Except now we have extra parents in different houses. Usually my sister and I stay at my dad's house. My parents’ schedules clash a lot. When they are both off of work, we have to think about whose house should we go to. If we go to one house over the other, one of my parents is going to be upset. My mom decides if and when she wants to pick us up or not, because she's the one making the effort to do it. Most times she would bail on us because she lives in Oak Lawn, so it's like a 30 minute drive.

Major holidays are very weird. For Thanksgiving, my dad was working and my mom was off, so everything was okay, but the thought of leaving my dad alone on a holiday just makes me really upset.

I’m just glad I have a sister like Megan, I'm kind of relying on her in a way.

--Interviewed By: Joy Williams