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Our book is set to be released in May 2016. In the meantime we are working hard to collect and share the stories of our community. We hope to make this more than just a book--we want to create "literary art" that can truly help foster empathy and bring our Stagg community together. 

Can't wait for the book to come out in May? Check out some story excerpts we're working on from our first semester interviews:

"I have a lot of pressure placed on me. Both of my parents need me to do well in school. I was just seven years old when we moved here from Mexico, and I didn’t know any English."
“I can’t think of anything more important in life than to live it with passion.”
"You think I’m selling drugs? I can barely even talk to you right now how would I even network to sell drugs?"
"One of my biggest pet peeves in people is that they’re really cocky and arrogant. I feel I really hate people like that so much because I feel I’m like that."
I do the stupidest things ever, like I think I'm an insurance liability at this point.”
“For a very long time I thought it would be something I would take to the grave.”
"On Christmas Eve, my eighth grade year he overdosed on heroin and me and my mom were the ones who found him dead in our bathroom."
“As a teacher it’s hard to account for every type of person that comes in your class.”
“His name was Mohammed. Mohammed Katari. He was 17 when he died. He was my closest friend… After that day, I couldn’t sleep for months. It just kept flashbacking back to my brain and I couldn’t sleep. 24/7, my eyes were up. ”
“I did have a goal to put horse crap in Taylor’s backpack but I don’t think that counts as a goal.”
"I was young so I didn’t have much say, not that I have much say now, it kind of just happened."
“I had to stay with my mother for a week. Which is the first time I’ve lived with her for a week in years. So of course we’re gonna kill each other.”
“'This probably sounds like a crazy idea, but do you want to write a musical with me?'” And she was like “'Are you-what?'”... “'Oh let’s write a musical together,'” so, it’s the only pick-up line that’s ever worked."
“I was used to going to school with only blacks, and at Stagg it was like a culture shock for me. It was a mixture of everything. I was very close-minded when I got there so it was hard for me to adjust.”
“I remember when I first found out that I had to move I was so upset. For a while I knew that my parents weren’t going to be together anymore, but I never knew when it would actually happen. Then I found out it was my senior year of high school and I was so upset. My parents didn’t sit me down and tell me or anything, I just kind of found out. I stayed with my best friends for about two weeks straight because I wouldn’t even talk to my mom or dad.”
“I don’t think I’ve spent more than two or three birthdays in this country.”
"I don't know how interesting I am."