Check out the Voices of Stagg Documentary! 

We were so blown away by the amazing work of Kenneth Erdey and the response of the community to our journey to share the stories of our school community in the Voices of Stagg documentary. Check out the trailers along with the full-length documentary to watch the story of our class and our amazing students. 

Voices of Stagg Trailer

Voices of Stagg Full-length Documentary

Thank You, Ken! 

We are honored and excited that our class and larger project has gained attention from University of Illinois media instructor and technical coordinator, Kenneth Erdey. Ken has been with us from the beginning of our journey when our class was nothing more than an idea discussed between a small group of faculty and students.  As a storyteller himself, Ken has been immensely supportive in helping us to explore the true power of using stories to connect one another. Even for the most camera shy of us, Ken became a welcome member of our classroom community and we are proud to have him tell our story.