Class of 2019 Current Projects

After spending the first semester of class diving deeply into the pillars of oral history, fine tuning our skills, and examining case studies, our teachers have finally handed over the reigns. In small groups we are deciding how to best put these skills to use for our school and larger community. Whether that means highlighting the people in our community we may overlook, asking our peers to reevaluate what they value, sparking conversations that transcend the typical divides, challenging ourselves to reexamine identity or empower each other to create change, we are finding new ways to share and honor the stories that matter to us.

Kalon: [ka lon] noun Beauty that is more than skin deep

A dedicated group of students created a ebook that explores the many perspectives of the Stagg High School community on love, the past and happiness. What they found in their interviews is a striking reminder of the way different perspectives and experiences can bring us together.

Stagg Thru Spectacles


Inspired by Humans of New York, this group seeks to explore the students and staff of our school through a different set of lenses by asking the questions we rarely make time to talk about. Follow them on Instagram @staggthruspectacles

7 Second Advice


Seeking to guide freshman or anyone needing a reminder about what truly matters, the 7 Second Advice team not only shares their 7 second videos, but is currently conducting 7 minute stories where narrator’s share the stories behind their advice. Follow them @7_second_vow

Show and Tell


Show and Tell asks you to reconsider what you truly value. By exploring the stories behind people’s most valuable objects, this group illuminates our shared understanding of what really matters. Read the full stories on Instagram @vowstagg

Student Website and Podcast: Mirrors