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111th & Roberts: Where Our Stories Intersect

VOW Class of 2016

“111th & Roberts is a world-rocker. Filled with voices from the Amos Alonzo Stagg High School community, the book is alive. Some narrators speak in plainsong; others turn phrases poetically. Some eloquently speak English as a second language. Codes are switched. Voices whisper. Voices elegize. Declare. Regale. Rejoice. Each one rings true. Finely detailed, each chapter unfolds to explore big, essential questions.”-Audrey Petty

Due to an amazing response, we are almost completely sold out of copies of 111th & Roberts: Where Our Stories Intersect but, you can still read this powerful collection of stories by downloading a PDF version of the book. Our book is also still on sale in limited supply at 826Chi Writing and Tutoring center storefront located at 1276 N Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago. If you are interested in a paperback copy of the book, please fill out the form below and we will do our best to accommodate requests.   

All proceeds from our book sales will be donated to Voice of Witness San Francisco and to The Mary Ogarek Memorial Scholarship Foundation. Thank you for your support!

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Anatomy of Empathy

VOW Class of 2017

“Although these students initially set out to forge a different path than the previous class, they soon came to realize the power oral history stories in print had to address the endless questions and pervading uncertainty. It took 60 students a whole school year to collect and edit their stories for publication in 111th and Roberts. These 30 students only had a few months, their trust in one another and their enduring curiosity to propel their endeavor. While the questions varied from the intensely personal, the school-community-centric, to the globally urgent, each group relied on their skills in oral history to explore the issues that mattered most to them always knowing that the success of their project was not in finding the answer, but in the process of exploration itself. There aren’t always right or singular answers, but rather a multitude of perspectives and human experiences opened by the curiosity and empathy necessary in oral history. Our students were not trained field reporters or professional oral historians with years to complete their project, but what they lacked in training and time they more than made up for in their relentless, fearless pursuit of the questions we all have--Who are we? What connects us? What divides us? What makes us human? What makes our stories worth sharing?

We invite you to not only follow our students through their process of curiosity, empathy and oral history in pursuit of answers to their questions, but also to look beyond the surface, cut through the motion of the everyday and embrace and pursue the questions that matter most to you.”

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