Look What We Made Together!

"111th & Roberts is a world-rocker. Filled with voices from the Amos Alonzo Stagg High School community, the book is alive. Some narrators speak in plainsong; others turn phrases poetically. Some eloquently speak English as a second language. Codes are switched. Voices whisper. Voices elegize. Declare. Regale. Rejoice. Each one rings true. Finely detailed, each chapter unfolds to explore big, essential questions."

-Audrey Petty, Editor of High Rise Stories

In the past two months we have worked harder than ever to bring together all the amazing interviews and artistic components to create our final product--a book that shares the stories of our school community. We realized very quickly that Amy Poehler was right, "writing is hard." Not only did it require a tremendous amount of meticulous editing and hard work, it also forced us to make some very hard decisions about content. Even with all the obstacles, it was more than worth it to see our book finally take shape. We also can't thank the extraordinary Audrey Petty enough for writing a beautiful foreword that truly captures our vision for the the book. We are so excited to share our book and our stories with you! Don't forget to order your copy here